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Aslan Miriyev

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering



Physical Artificial Intelligence Lab

Ben-Gurion University


Physical Artificial Intelligence

Physical Artificial Intelligence (PAI) refers to the theory and practice of creating physical systems capable of performing tasks that are typically associated with intelligent organisms. PAI is the next frontier in robotics on the way to lifelike robots and symbiotic human-robot ecosystems.

Physical AI

Advanced Manufacturing

PAI-mediated advancement of robots' materials and morphologies implies simultaneous development of corresponding manufacturing methods. The PAI methodology inherently combines the considerations of materials, design, and manufacturing.

silicone 3d-prinet

Soft Composite Actuators

Soft and robust material-actuators have been a lacking link in the development of soft robots and their automated manufacturing methods. Furthermore, actuation and bodily control in PAI robots are strongly intertwined with sensing and computation on the material level.

silicone / ethanol material actuator
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